Apart from cooking, unwanted thinking, researching random things and cribbing about my life, this is my another past time that usually relieves me from stress and tensions. I do this at work (of course to get back to work with revived energy), home and even at times on my phone. Some I keep raw, as in the way I made them (sketch or painting) and some I edit in Adobe Photoshop to either give effects or to fine tune here and there.
These are no ways professional or expert work (which I don't feel ashamed in accepting) but I hope some of you might like.

Mr. Hawk

Sonic Jet

St. Fidelis Church, Kansas City

Got any suggestions for the title???



Artist at Work...

Universal Elements
- Soul surrounded by rest of the 4 elements
 (top to bottom - Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

The Last Man Standing

Rough Strokes - You & Me

Mini Mouse knitting sweater for Mickey

Devil Inside Me

Angry Donald

Dhalsim - Street Fighter



Magical Frog

Peacock - Undone

Fruits & Wine

Mickey In Rain


Belly Dancer


Flamenco Dancer


Sunset at the Ocean