Human by breed, man by sex, old by age but young at heart, vegetarian once by religion now by cause, programmer by profession, artist by interest, writer by chance and a wanderer by choice, that's me, Poor In Java. People have been asking me lately why I chose such a weird name for my website/blog. They say, it is neither related to programming nor coffee, then why this name. Isn’t it funny how we narrow down our imagination by not looking out of the horizon?

I can certainly say that I am Poor in Java for all the reasons you my readers have been thinking. I am definitely not a JAVA programmer and am not at all fond of coffee. Once a blue moon I can be found walking around both of these but surely not my cup of tea. But this is just the literal meaning of the name, not the actual meaning. So what does Poor In Java symbolizes?

When I was in school, I used to enjoy solving riddles and puzzles and spend lot of my time in library looking for books with logics and relations and puzzles. Though I never mastered in the skill of cryptology but the interest never faded inside me. Then I did my masters in computers and luckily as an elective subject I had Cryptology as one to be selected. There was no reason why I would not opt for the subject that always intrigued me. So I decided to have my majors in Cryptology but my unfortunate fate, there was no teacher for Cryptology in the college that semester and students were forced to select different subject. I was that close to it and missed it and ended up studying E-Commerce and IT strategies. But I still visited college library frequently in my spare time and studied Cryptology and algorithms involved in it. Studies pressure kept on mounting, regular exams and very less time to devote to additional subjects pulled me away from my interest and finally I ended up becoming a system level programmer that initiated my professional career. System programming never captivated me and I moved pretty quickly in the industry by changing my profession and domains. The cryptic world was left behind and I never looked at it back.

One fine day, from some inner corner of mine, I felt an urge to do something new and the next thing I knew was that I was learning to write. Strange enough to believe but I am not a person who is fond of reading fiction, drama, romance, fantasy or as a matter of fact any genre of books. Those days of spending time in books were long gone and even in those days I was never a reader besides the academic books. So at first I thought and asked myself, do I know what I am doing or thinking to do? Well, I was always a spontaneous person in my life with many things, so I said, why not. Let’s try this too and see how it goes. Surprisingly it didn’t take me long to start liking this new interest of mine and I kind of got glued to it until one day when my monkey mood changed again and I stopped writing all of a sudden. After a very long period of time, I once again thought to start writing and this time something meaningful, hence started this blog or mini website. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to put in lot of work or not so started with the blogger service mapping to my own site name. The plan is to see if my monkey mood sticks to this interest for long and if it does, then to probably convert this blog to a meaningful website.

So the next hurdle was to find a suitable name for the website (believe me it is no less pain than finding a suitable match) and what in the name of Devil I would like to keep it. So I thought and thought and finally found the answer to my unintentional riddle. What can be better than the author’s name itself, isn’t it. It wasn’t that tough as I’d thought initially. Fortunately, no one has yet purchased the domain name with my name so I wondered, is the name so unique or so unappealing to be a website URL. Oh my, the riddle never ends so quickly. Surely, the website would look good with my name as its address but seriously, will it sound good, catchy, appealing, I doubt it. So as usual, like the life tweaks my challenges and paths, I was again left with another riddle to solve and come up with a better name and the result was “www.PoorInJava.com”. Some of you perhaps know what it means but most of you don’t and I don’t blame anyone for getting confused about it.

I'll give you a small hint, ever heard of Anagrams? Fascinating game of alphabets, hidden riddles and secrets. A simple word can mean completely unimaginable things if twisted in the right order. A sentence may look like a poetry but when broken and rearranged, it can tell unsolved and unkown mysteries of the world. “Poor In Java” is one such anagram that I came up with and it's no unsolved mystery.