Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purana Qila (Old Fort) Son-et-Lumiere Show (Sound and Light Show)

Jis Dilli ko ek taraf siyaastao aur hukumaton ne loota aur toda, wahi doosri taraf yahi Dilli kayi Badshao, Raja Maharajao ki mashooqa bhi rahi hai. Alag alag andaaz ke aashiq aaye, mashooqi karne ke liye. Ishq ki daastaan ko Khusro ne panch zubano mein sunaya; Pharsi, Khadi Boli, Brij, Awadhi  aur Punjabi Multani, per aaj bhi Dilli ke aashiq aur iske lootere apni zubaan mein iska bayan apne hi andaaz aur apni hi zubaan mein karte hain

English Translation

Delhi, a city that has witnessed lootings and torments time and time again by various nations, kingdoms, rulers and dynasties, has had many lovers in the past and still continues to lure those who wander the land in search of Love and Truth. Khusro narrated The Tale of Love in 5 different languages; Persian, Khadi Boli, Brij, Awadhi and Punjabi Multani (spoken in today’s Pakistan) and even today people from all around the world narrate their Love and Passion for Delhi in their own way and language."

Yesterday, I went with my father to Purana Qila (Old Fort) in New Delhi to watch the Son-et-Lumiere a.k.a Sound and Light Show for the first time in my 19 years of stay in Delhi. While on the way to the fort, my father told me that he has spent almost half of his life in Delhi and has never seen this show either. I was kind of surprised at first but when I arrived at the venue, I understood why that happened and he never saw this show till date. I will talk about this in my next post because it is not just about me or my father but the entire nation and the system. So let’s put that discussion aside and learn more about this show.

If you are in Delhi and you have a chance to spend an evening in the town, you must take out 1 hour to see this amazing show organized by ITDC (Indian Tourism Development Corporation).

Son-et-Lumiere or Sound and Light show is organized daily by ITDC in evening in both Hindi and English languages. You can read books, research on Internet and learn from around but the way this show walks you through the History of Delhi is just brilliant and for that I applaud the effort put in by ITDC. The show starts from 12th century and King Prithviraj Chauhan and progresses each decade and century events till today showing the modern Delhi and the marvels of technology and growth.

Still photography and video recording is strictly prohibited for commercial use. Though, I took couple of clicks of the show for a cause for which I took the show organizers consent and they happily gave me consent to share when I mentioned I would do my best to help them and bring this show and their various issues and challenges in light so people know what they are missing.

If you are an Indian national and/or a Hindi friendly audience, my recommendation is to watch the Hindi show. You would enjoy the narration more and relish the use of simple Urdu sher-o-shayaries that are blended beautifully in the entire storyline.

If you are English friendly audience, the English show starts half hour after the Hindi show ends. Content, graphics and storyline is all same in English show so you will not be missing any information, it’s just that Hindi version has more drama to it because of the short poems and songs.

The voices given by known TV artists are just perfect to make the show more interesting and intriguing. One hour spent in the open air Sound and Light would leave a long lasting impression on you and would take you in a time and era you might have been told but not witnessed.

  1. If you are watching the show between November and February, carry a sweater or a light jacket to keep yourself warm.
  2. Get relieved and make use of restrooms before the show as you won’t find much facility inside the fort.
  3. Carry a small torch or something that can illuminate your path to walk out of the fort after the show as it gets pretty dark.
  4. Specifically for foreign tourist, if you are concerned of any possible mosquito or bug bite, wear long sleeves shirt/t-shirt and trouser or jeans to be safe. Though you won’t be in such a situation but taking precaution is always good.

Buying Tickets:

For online purchase, log on to Ashok Group’s website (click here).
For on the spot purchase, you will have to reach the ticket counter half hour prior to the show.
  1. Ticket cost for Adults is Rupees 80.00
  2. For children (3 to 12 years), Senior Citizen (60 years and above) and Disabled or Physically Challenged people is Rupees 40.00

Brief of the History on pamphlet



Few pictures from the show

 India Gate
Mughal Empire
 Mughal Empror
 Mughal Empire
 Scene from Mahabharata
 Mahatama Gandhi - Depicition of Independence
Delhi Metro Rail- Showing today's Delhi



AnjuGandhi said...

I m going next time.although I have seen similar show at red fort thrice.the show at red fort is also worth watching but it shows stories related to red fort only. Babar.akbar.first speech of nehru etc is important topics visit to delhi one evening purane quile ke naam.

NG said...

wow ... i am definitely going for this show the next time I am in Delhi.
i think i've seen it once as a kid - but don't remember much.
thanks for sharing... this is very useful and definitely for a good cause of promoting the culture of India.
Very proud of u for taking official permission for pictures as opposied to sneaking pics.


Poor In Java said...

Red Fort show is also good but it only focuses on Red Fort related History. Purana Qila show talks about Delhi's history and that makes it more interesting.

Aahna Saxena said...

Lovely pics.

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Aahna.

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