Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanks to all Visitors

Dear Readers and Hoppers,
I would like to thank you all for spending few seconds to several minutes over the last 2 years on one or more postings on this Blog and keeping me in high spirits to keep writing and boring you :)

It is interesting to see that so many people from all around the globe have visited this Blog for all sorts of reasons.

Some visited for the curiosity of knowing what Poor In Java means, some came to really read, some hopped from other Bloggers web pages and some visited in search of images and topics of their interests. No matter how much reader following you have, which unfortunately I have very less, but it still makes me happy to know that from time to time, came as #1 in search results for certain keywords and subjects.

And for that matter of fact, I sincerely Thank you all lovely people.

Love & Peace,
Poor In Java

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