Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Art Competition - A Fun Family Event

Sometimes I wonder what a Family I have got. Don't take me wrong, nothing bad about it. On the contrary, I am a part of a crazy but amazing family. As back as I can remember in my life, all my vacations have had something really unique about them. We all siblings have done uncountable naughty things, spit fruit seeds on people walking on streets from home terrace, eve teasing, troubling neighbors, bunking primary school classes, flirting with opposite sex in young, very young age, blowing fire crackers in people's backyard, you name it and one of us probably did in one or the other way.

I still remember how our daily exercise of washing terrace with water used to turn into water Holi every single evening at our grand parents house and how annoyed our elders used to get. All those creative games, 1 minute game shows, fashion shows that we used to organize on top of our terrace, kite flying, playing cricket across terraces were few of the daily activities of our summer and Diwali vacations.

As we grew old and got busy with studies and careers and families, all these things took back seat and we kind of forgot that how much fun we used to do when we were young, not that we are not young now but when we had all energy and no tensions and worries.

Something magical happened last month and thanks to today's great Technology, we all family members once again came close to each other virtually from all around the globe and not just close but like 24x7. Being everyone in different time zone, someone was always awake and free to ping others. We all created and joined our own family group on Whatsapp and shared all sorts of stuff, jokes, breaking news, gossips, recipes and what not.

And from this 24x7 live networking came the idea of resurrecting the long forgotten family activities. One thing that I never mentioned anyone is that every member in my family has got some kind of artistic skill, not to boast about it as I am sure every family and its members has unique abilities. We have awesome cooks (some self made and some professionally educated), superb artists (very few but most of them including me keep trying our hands with colors) and some are amazing writers, orators, poets and guides.

We revived our lost spirits with an art competition and gave everyone a month to come up with something. For adults, the topic was Kashmir and for kids of all ages was their Super Hero. We never expected what would be the outcome of this initiative but every second day one or the other family member kept reminding the group about the deadline. Some had sleepless nights and some probably even took anti-anxiety pills and the last day crossed the limits of excitement when I had to reach out to everyone so many times reminding them that the Deadline of Sep 30 ended few hours ago but me being on US time zone, everyone was allowed late submission. What an amazing day it was. We had quite some creative skills display. Winning or losing was not the motto of the competition, the goal was to bring everyone back to the same page which we forgot to turn long ago and I am glad that most of us participated in high spirits and best part is that everyone enjoyed it.

Now we all are looking forward for the next fun idea and who would come up with. I guess, next in the line would be poetry or something related to writing and I am sure if that is the agenda, we'll have a big competition as all big guns will also come down in the battle field.

Here is the outcome of the collaborative effort put in by all of us in our first joint event. Names of the creators are still unknown amongst us too, just to keep it to the hilt of excitement.



Swarna M said...

Truly outstanding work and as always loved reading your post! Keep writing!

Poor In Java said...

Thanks SM :)

anjugandhi said...

thanx for reviving the nostalgic moments.
" those were the days, we thought they never end, we sing and dance----------" but life moves on and those days went into hibernation
ya thanx to the creative minds of the family group and those days seems to have resurfaced
looking at all the creative work now i realize how much pain we all took and we all came up with real creativity
i cannot but just go on again and again and admire the work.
like you i am also waiting for the new session of excitement

aruna khasgiwala said...

very touchy, I got sentiiiiiiiiiiii
each one deserves congratulations
aruna lhasgiwala

ganbatte said...

nice paintings.....chota bheem is awesome

Poor In Java said...

Ganbatte: I know kids did an awesome job.

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