Monday, September 10, 2012

When hobbies get paid...

I never thought that a visit to the grocery store could open new doors and bring opportunities. About a month ago I was at the nearby Indian grocery store doing my routine monthly "Desi" shopping and while I was at the cashier to make the payments, I started talking to the guy (half owner of the store) in general about week and plans for long weekend and work. When he asked me about my plans for the long weekend, I told him, I would perhaps be at my house doing some paint work. At first he thought, I was talking about painting walls or windows in my house but when I told him about canvases and sketch book, he was kind of surprised and asked me if I have any to show him. I immediately took out my phone and showed him my work. His expression changed from surprise to mesmerize and asked me if I can do him a favor. I asked what and he said, his son is a big fan of the famous Lightening McQueen and a hand painted painting would be dream come true for him. Without thinking much, I said, sure. I will try my best to make him happy but can't promise anything soon.

A month went by and I still remembered my promise but unfortunately, I didn't get time to sit and paint a canvas for his son. Finally last week, I bought a canvas and did some picture hunt on Lightening McQueen, saw the movie again (which by the way I have already seen more than 20 times with my elder nephew) and started my work on a Saturday morning. 

I was half way done and got a call from one of my distant relatives that they are visiting so I decided to stop it. I usually don't stop in between but I knew this would take lot of time especially when it comes down to detailing. I didn't want to but had no other choice. Unfortunately, rest of the day was spent outside home and couldn't complete it the same day. I was worried if I would be able to finish it good or not because of Acrylics (they dry within minutes as compared to Oils, which takes hours and days, so it is next to impossible to add shading and effects). But I think I was lucky the next day and I was able to add some more colors and shades and details to complete it.

Yesterday, I was at the store again for some quick things to buy and the guy was happy. He asked me for the cost and I, as always was not comfortable in asking for money so said nothing but I guess he was expecting this from me so he had already got me a Gift Card. I was touched and felt good at the same time because for the 1st time, my work was appreciated in terms of returns. Thus far, everyone who has appreciated has appreciated for the work and effort but this time it came with returns. For next few minutes this guy spent some time with me pushing me to publicize my work and skills and make it visible to people and asked me to prepare a catalog that he can display in his store. He even asked me if I can give him pictures of my work, he would add them free of cost to the coming Diwali flyer that he is working on right now for mailing to the store customers.

I am excited and really looking forward to this now. I already have some things planned up but let's see when they are realized :)