Monday, August 27, 2012

Wonderland for the Kids in DCFS

Just a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my personal experience of working for a good cause and how nervous and excited and thrilled and satisfied I was before and after the work was done. Imagine, if that small task of painting walls could bring me so much happiness and joy and a feeling of accomplishment, what would the artist be feeling right now who with her team worked night and day to bring a new Life to the room. When I saw the pictures of the finished room, there was only one thing I could say and it was OMG (Oh My God).

The artist who spent an entire week in this room did a fabulous job in bringing life in the room. Without much saying, I would like to share the great effort and creativity of her and the team who made this room a real wonderland for kids who are tormented by the hardships of life in such a small age and who look forward to the World we live in with arms wide open seeking someone to embrace and a heart filled with love and compassion.

Every single thing in this room is hand painted and hand made. The canopy on the ceiling, the King chair and upholstery on it, drapes, the cabinetry, everything is hand made and didn't come from some factory and assembled in the room.

Hats off to the entire Team.



nikhil thakran said...

You have an amazing set of skills and talent..... good work :)

Poor In Java said...

Nikhil, I didn't do this. One of the members of the team did this. My contribution to the entire room was the initial white wash to give all walls 1 color :)

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