Thursday, August 2, 2012

D and D

Don't worry, I am not talking about Drugs & Diseases. This is another one from my so infamous Dream tales that makes me crazy and wonder what is it that my mind and body wants to tell me. Some people may find me crazy or even insane but honestly I don't know myself if this is because of me aging and growing old or getting close to insanity or perhaps just another dirty games played by my mind. But whatever it is, these dreams are taking me to new dimensions of research, study and beliefs.

I woke up this morning wondering what was going on in my dream and why the hell I had such a dream. But I knew that I wouldn't possibly find any answer to that, so I picked up my phone and started Googling (yeah there is no such term) about Dragons, Dragon Birth and Dragons in Dreams. Apparently, I am not the only one looking for something keywords like this. Google slapped 100s of matching results but my mind was not ready to dodge all of them that early in the morning and my eyes were not comfortable to concentrate on 3.5 inch screen of iPhone. So I just tapped on top 2 links and read as much as I could with those sleepy eyes. After reading those articles and relating to my dream, I still couldn't figure out what the heck this dream was all about :)

Let's see if anyone here can interpret or come up with a different philosophy...

I find myself with my brother in the dream in some house, appears to be ours but different than what it is in reality. We are kind of on the top floor standing in a huge balcony (almost like a terrace) with buildings in front of us. House is on the corner block with an elevated rail track running next to it. I don't know if it was early morning or late night but a couple drove by our house and somehow we got hold of something from them and they just left. It's very blurry now but from what I remember the couple seemed to be in tension or mental pain and stopped by our house. I was standing on the main door of the building (perhaps the entire building is our home) and the lady opens up the window and hands something over to me and without saying any word, just drove away in speed.

... Probably nothing here in the dream but a different time

Next I remember is a baby Dragon standing on our terrace/balcony and we both brothers kind of playing with him and preserving him (hiding) from the world. Dragon seemed to be friendly and happy to be with us. He was trying to fly and made several attempts by jumping and eventually flew high. He saw us standing on the terrace looking at him flying high and he just came back to us.

... Can't recall if there was anything here in the dream

He is all grown big and is very good friend of ours. He understands our actions and likes us. One day we let him fly because we are expecting a gathering and no one knows about the dragon and we don’t want anyone to know either else he would become a part of some freaky science experiment. Everyone on terrace is enjoying and suddenly I feel pain in my stomach and head and I fall down on my knees  holding my head and as my eyes get closed in pain i see a vision of a dragon birth. A big egg and dragon trying to break the shell to come out and then suddenly another vision shows up with a pregnant woman running in some abandoned area looks like a factory or wrecked ship where she gives birth to a dragon.

And before i woke up and opened my eyes the last thing i remember is seeing our dragon flying to our balcony again

Now, there were some vague thoughts that came to my mind but I’m sure none of them applies here.

Is my Half wife pregnant and somehow my inner self knows it and is trying to tell me about it? Well, definitely I am not the one responsible for her pregnancy if she is, I can't be (I need not say the reason but I know I cannot be) but she could be pregnant with the fact that she is married for over 7 months now.

I can't recall of anyone else around me or in my knowledge, who is pregnant and due to deliver soon, except for a friend of mine whose wife is expecting her delivery in December, but why would I get a dream about them?

One of the articles I read about Dragons in Dreams say and I quote " let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behavior may lead you into the hands of enemies." Now, if it is for me, I am fine but why would I have my brother in the dream helping me out? Does this mean that I was doing something wrong and my brother being my brother was helping me knowing I am wrong? The same article also says "...In eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune". Ha Ha this made me laugh because for a very long time, I have not seen any good luck or fortune.

Another article that I was reading about Dream with giving birth to Dragon says "...seeing Dragon represents a tyrant and an unjust ruler. Giving birth to a dragon also represents a child who will be a great speaker or who will be known by different names, or that he might become a fortune teller or a monk, or an evil person, or a bandit who will be killed later". Wow now that is something frightening for anyone, though I don't understand who could I relate this to. I hope I can relate the former part to someone but definitely not the latter.

Different opinions and stories can be found on internet about Dragons in Dreams or Dragon Birth in Dreams. What do you think?

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