Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Wedding Dance

For quite sometime, I wanted to do something different than what I usually sketch or paint and just a few days ago, I came across this image while browsing Internet and I knew that this has to be definitely tried.

After returning from work yesterday, I picked up my Canvas and drew the outline of this picture. At first I thought to leave the sketch as it is and paint next day but couldn't resist from throwing colors in it. At around 9 PM I sat down with my set of brushes and colors and started painting this. Around 2:30 in the night or should I say morning, my work was done and I was ready to sit back and relax.

In between,  once I thought to stop and continue next day but couldn't do that. The end result is not same as the reference I used but from a painting stand point and for a beginners level I guess, I did a Okay job :)




Love is Green! said...

You amaze me A...truly amaze me :)

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Reenu :)

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