Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honest Confession

Three years ago, something big happened in my life, something that I never imagined in my dreams or worst possibilities, but it was destined to happen and it happened. It was life changing and I am glad that it changed my life for some better things in Life, though it is also true that good doesn't come all by itself, it brings bad with it too. But the bottom line is that the good that came in my Life made others Life good as well, so no regrets of what happened back then.

I am sure after reading this my near and dear ones and all those who love me probably might feel angry, annoyed, agitated or even may feel sympathy. I can completely understand that, because that's what and how loved ones feel. But I hope they can understand and respect what I did and what I needed to do for others and more importantly, for myself. It was a big step that I took and was a major decision I made and it took me some months to realize the importance of it and understand and feel the inner satisfaction.

There was that time 3 years back when everything appeared so meaningless and out of place to me and then as things settled down and my mind started recouping, a thought came to mind and I decided that I will not Live my Life like this anymore. So I decided to help all those who needed help and who perhaps could but were unable to help themselves. I had very few options in front of me to move that path, either leave the job and get into helping people full time or continue with job and help them as best as possible. Leaving the job wasn't an option for the simple fact that it was my job that was keeping me stationed in this country so no matter what I do, I had to keep working. The second option appeared to be good because then I could have worked and earned enough to help others. So I decided that I would continue working and doing what I do and help people who needed the most. For last 3 years, every month, a big portion of my earning went out to support people in need to add some joy and smile in their lives and I am so happy that it made a difference. I knew Life would be tough, challenging and not so comfortable but it was something I had to do. I am capable of earning and making money enough to keep myself running and living a decent life so everything above that is something I can use for good.

Initially, I decided to help and support people till the day and time I am capable of and I am not stopping that anytime soon. Though, the denomination might decline for some time and rise again with time but it will continue to float. The help may not be monetary every time but I will try to be of help in some or the other way. It started with a feeling of dejection in Life for everything 3 years ago but gradually the meaning changed and it no more works that ways.

Life may be long, Life may be short, what makes it Lived are the Deeds we do to make it worth.
~~~ Peace...A.J



anjugandhi said...

congrats you are one of those few who have found meaning of life and have decided to do something meaningful. there are many who only talk but do surely will be an inspiration for many.
and I am proud of you.what ever decisions you have taken are your own and i respect them.
to do something for humanity, to give back something to the society and to devote and commit one's life and earning for needy is such a divine gesture.
remember once i said you must move on and you have definitely moved on
keep doing the good work'

Tarun said...

Jain sabb... am happy for you... this is the best way to bring positive vibes in your life when you see your soul is thirsty for something and you got that...AM PROUD OF YOU my BROTHER... apna khayal zarror rakhna ... ek kahawat hai "Charity begins at home" and if you are satisfied and filled then only you can give something to others or society...

Keep earning more and giving more..... Love you darling..

Sharell said...

Bless you. This is remarkable. I'm so impressed. I'm sure all the good you're doing will come back to you in many different ways.

Poor In Java said...

Thanks for the blessings Sharell. I hope I can carry on this for as long as I can and contribute a bit to the society
I don't expect any rewards now. One thing that I have realized (may be not to the max) is that with expectations there is less happiness and more sorrow.

Piyush Naithani said...

Hey Appu... No words ... Hats off to U man... It requires lot of guts to do this... Love u Bro.

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Piyush. Indeed it is a big responsibility and one of those tough choices and decisions

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