Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Little Workshop

Every person has some or the other way of busting their stress and refreshing their senses. Some workout, some eat and some cook, some go for a drive, some write, some watch movies and some sleep, some even spend hours over phone with friends gossiping every and anything and then there are some who like to wander the streets of market and shop. I sketch and paint. I am not good at it but I wouldn't disagree with the feedback I have got from others that I do fairly fine with my hands. My parents keep telling that I should collect them and put them for an exhibition but I know for that level, I need to walk a long path and am quite in the beginning stage. But one day, I hope I can put up a small display for the appropriate audience.

Lately, I've been busy on a short project of my own painting characters of Avatar - The Last Airbender animation series for my nephews room. I am totally enjoying every bit of this project. On an average it takes me about 4 hours to complete one Canvas that includes priming the canvas and waiting for it to dry, drawing the sketch and then painting the colors. Here is a glimpse of the original image and the one on Canvas painted by me.


Two more to join the collection, Sokka and Toph. Hopefully, I should be able to complete them in next 15 days.

At first, I thought to work with Oil paints but then realized that it would be too much involvement in that and the canvas that I complete in 4 hours would probably take 2-3 days. Instead, I picked Acrylics. They are smooth, fast to dry and long lasting, unlike Oil paints that tend to get dull and yellowish with age because of the oil.

People have been asking me for quite some time now, if I've been drawing and painting for long or just started. Did I take any classes or course? So I thought to answer here and give them a glimpse of my mini workshop.

Yes, I have been sketching and drawing since I was a kid. I have been blessed to have got autograph from "Mr. R.K.Laxman", India's greatest cartoonist, on a greeting card that I painted for his welcome event in my school back in early 90s. I never took proper arts classes and it's one thing I sometimes regret about that I should have taken classes and pursued my interest in professional way but I am glad that the interest hasn't died with my growing age.

Events in past few months have kind of worked as elixir to me in the process of revival of my hobby that had become dormant for a long time. Trip to Paducah, KY on 2011 year end worked like a spark. Every nook and corner in Paducah has astounding art work done by some amazing local artists and the site at river side is just jaw dropping. You can see paintings all over the walls from the time of Civil war to Nuclear industry establishment, World War to Rail network development in US. It's like walking by the History lanes and taking a glance of how things changed in US in last 100 years.

After I came back, the first thing I did was buying good colors, canvases, easel and a set of basic brushes and in past few months, I have made several rounds to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, two best stores for getting art supplies in US. Spent hours on internet to understand different kinds of paints, pros and cons of using acrylics and oils, wandered in the aisles of city Library few times and grabbed books on basic art techniques using acrylic, oils, brush strokes, architectural designs, etc. I know it sounds like I studied so much but honestly speaking, I didn't become master or expert going through all this but I did learn some nice things and basics about arts and painting. I even once read a book on Philosophy and Psychology of Paintings across the World. It was a nice find in the Library. It tells about how in different parts of the world, people used drawings and paintings to depict things and express their thoughts and how over the period of thousands of years, art changed and matured.

So here I am today, glued to my re-discovered passion and trying my hands on and making use of time in hand. A wise man once said, it's never too late to realize your dreams and start working on them.



Love is Green! said...

These are awesome.

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Reenu. Am working on getting better :)

AnjuGandhi said...

impressed. just three words U R G
u are good

Sharell said...

Fantastic work!! My mum is excellent at painting and drawing, and I enjoy it too. This makes me feel like finding more time to get back into it. :-)

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Sharell. Do you have art work from your mom to share?

rini said...

All of them are great appu!!n i personally liked these characters more than yr previous ones :)
m sure kids r gonna love them!!

Poor In Java said...

Thanks are waiting for these to complete so that they can put on their wall :)

Sharell said...

Just visited your blog after ages and noticed your comment about wanting to see some of my mum's artwork. Funnily enough I'm at home visiting my parents now. I'll take a few photos of it and send them to you!

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