Thursday, April 26, 2012


Run, hurry up. Run for your life.

What's going on, asked a young man accompanied by a blonde girl?

There’s no time to explain, just run if you want to live, an old lady screamed at the couple.

Couple waited for a couple of seconds and looked around. There was chaos everywhere, people were screaming and running.

What's the matter asked the young guy once again?

There's a tiger on loose, replied the old lady.

The young couple ran without wasting any time and took a shelter.
How can a tiger be on loose in a city like this?

Aa aa aa, someone please save me, please help me, help me, help and the crying voice of a young lady faded in distance.

The old lady wiped her eyes and stood up and walked out of the shelter.

Get back, the tiger can still be out there.

No, he’s gone. He got what he came for.

What do you mean he got what he came for?

You seem to be new here. Are you visiting or settling down here?

We are tourist. We heard about this secluded beautiful city so we planned a weekend trip along with one other couple friend of ours.

Beautiful city, the old lady commented sarcastically and laughed.

Why are you laughing, asked the young lady?

This used to be a beautiful place to live a long ago. But now it is just a city of old people and horrifying stories.

What horrifying stories?

This city is cursed. Every 5 months a young woman from this city gives a birth to a dead child and dies and within few minutes this tiger attacks and takes away the baby. Once he takes the baby far away from everyone, he returns back for his next victim and takes another young women from the city with him and the next day woman is found somewhere in the jungle.
Within couple of months, the woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a child and everything repeats again.

This is ridiculous. Humans don’t give birth in 5 months and what is the relation of birth with a tiger hunt? 

You don’t get it do you, asked the old lady. The tiger takes the young woman from the city as his mate and returns at the time of the birth of his cubs.

What rubbish, said the young man. This is all made up and you people are mad. You should contact Forest Preservation Authorities to take care of this wild tiger.

What do you think, didn’t we think about it and tried? We did everything possible. Forest officers were appointed. Several came in the last 5 years, some died mysteriously, some ran away, some didn’t show up and the last that came was found in uncountable pieces spread across the city roads.
Some say that it is a tortured and disturbed soul taking revenge and others say that the city is doomed. No one knows the reality. But people who have witnessed this incident say that they saw a half tiger half man creature holding newborn cub in his teeth and running towards the jungle and then coming back to the city and taking young females dragging them with their legs in his jaw. Some even chased the tiger to help those women but no one ever saw either the tiger or the woman until next morning. They say, he doesn’t kill them but rapes them and leave them for the birth. Some women even tried to kill themselves but no one succeeded. Couple of them died but magically came back to life. Some even ran out of the city but somehow the next morning they found themselves back in the city. It is said that once a woman gets attacked by the creature, she is destined to deliver a baby in next 5 months and die.

The young couple listened with concern and then the girl asked, what happens to the newborns?

The old lady turned towards the girl and replied, some believe that the creature takes those babies with him and kill them and others believe that the creature is hiding them somewhere and growing his monstrous family. No one ever found any baby.

Why don’t you people leave this place then, asked the man?

We all have tried but it seems that we all are cursed along with the city and no matter what we do and how far we run, we end up here again.

Tringggggggggg Tringggggggg….and I woke up to turn off my alarm. Yes, it was my last night’s dream. When I woke up, I thought to myself, what an awful dream but looked like a theatrical trailer of some horror suspense thriller fantasy dark movie. I can’t recall if I ever saw or read anything similar to this lately which could have left an impression in my subconscious mind. Whatever, it was a weird dream but an interesting one. I thought to add some side lines to this story but then I decided to write it the way I dreamed and remembered when I woke up. This is the reason why the story is not connected everywhere and is kind of brief up. The dream probably would have lasted for 10 minutes or so but in that subconscious state, it looked like a long day incident. I wonder what what is my mind thinking these days and what else it has in its repository to show.



Tarun said...

Jain sabb... have you ever heard of meditation .. if yes then do it... It will keep your conscious and sub conscious mind in control... and do chant "OM"... its not a god name and link... its a word which gives you control... everyday 30 mins do meditation and chant OM thats it... Fir sher kya dinosaur ki maa ki aankh..

Waisey ek baat bolo... Twilight Saga key director yeh story sell kar dey bahut paisa milega...

Poor In Java said...

Oh, I never heard of Meditation :) I know about it Dude.
I am kinda liking these dreams now so would wait to see the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

u must ve been thinkin abt babies n wud ve seen sum documentory at d same tym... dis mite b d result of..yeah i agree sumtym v all c weired dreamz..n when woke in d mid d whole day goes thinkin abt it n also at tyms few thngs happenin arnd seems 2 ve been happened in past n is repeatin again.... mind plays games at tymz showin weired dreams ..

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