Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hope Sells

Ever imagined what is that one thing in this world that sells every moment, everywhere, every time and any situation? Well, it’s not that tough to guess. It is what we all call and know as Hope.

Couple of years ago my ex-boss and I were driving back home after meeting a common friend of ours when he asked me if I would like to buy a lottery ticket and I laughed at him saying there is no point in making a dead investment in gambling. To that he smiled and said do you know what runs the Gambling houses and what drives everyone for things they want to achieve and earn in life, it’s called Hope. At first, I didn’t get him but then I realized that what he said was true.

Every day millions of people around the world go in gambling houses and spend hundreds and thousands of their hard earned money and 90% of them walk out empty hand. But the loss doesn’t stop them from returning next time. 80% of those 90% return back for a simple reason that they might win.

But is hope only about money?  Well, not exactly, but somewhere at the core of every accomplished and fulfilled desire, money plays a key role and it is the Hope that keeps a man striving for the achievement of these goals and fulfillment of desires.

2 days ago, I bought Hope for 5 dollars, the hope to earn million dollars. Yes, you heard it right. Mega millions lottery game valued at a whopping amount of $356 million dollars and my wallet started jumping out of my pocket urging me to do a gamble. I said why not, 28th March being my birthday, I thought maybe my luck would shine and make me rich. So I spent $5 at a local gas station and bought 2 tickets with numbers I picked and 3 tickets with numbers that computer picked for me. I waited for the draw of those 6 lucky numbers desperately, although I knew that the probability of winning the Jackpot was next to impossible but not impossible and that was the reason why I invested in this gamble.

Guess what, no, I didn’t win the Jackpot, in fact I didn’t earn a penny out of those $5 but I was so close that I might have missed a beat or two here and there.  You buy a ticket with 6 numbers, first 5 numbers must be between 1 and 56 and the 6th number is the Mega ball number that should be between 1 and 46. Here is how you win from your lottery.

When the numbers were drawn, I almost jumped and fell off of my couch. I scored 4 out of 6, yayyyy, I thought I must have won something grand but I didn’t. I was still happy to know that I would be earning $150 over my investment of $5. I checked the numbers again just to make sure and hated my luck so badly. I didn’t earn a single dime. Awww, poor me. The Mega Ball number was in my first 5 numbers and one of the numbers from my first 5 was my Mega ball number and as per the chart above, I didn’t qualify to be called a proud crowned winner. Boooooooo the system.

But the good news was that no one won the Jackpot which means it will be raised again for the next draw and whatever amount it will be raised to, will make the history as this would be the biggest jackpot in Mega Millions. Tomorrow night is the next draw and it is worth $500 million plus dollars. I know I know, you must be wondering would I be playing again or not. Well, I still have my hopes of winning. I was planning to buy a ticket today when another wave of email circulated in my office and every gambling soul resurrected from their graves (the cubicle chairs where we sit every day and chit chat in gibberish language with stupid our computers). But this time the game is big and the stakes are high so the bet has to be worth winning. The goal is to buy more tickets and have more numbers and chances but the ground rule stays the same. Probability of winning the jackpot still remains the same, 1 in 175,711,538. The chances are slim or should I say disgusting but it still gives us Hope. So once again the crew is ready to buy Hope. If we win, whatever the winning amount is will be divided amongst all, else the investment goes dead. It’s going to be fun tomorrow.

Just wondering, what if there is no jackpot winner tomorrow either. If that happens, the jackpot is definitely going to touch $700 million and do you know what that means? It means, there will be more Hope, which will allure more people and a lot of money. If on the other hand someone wins the jackpot tomorrow, millions of Hopes will crash but there will still be Hope to win next time and it will be sold by someone and bought by many.



anjugandhi said...

finally how many did u purchase or intend purchasing?
and if u by chance win pl do not forget that we are family :-)

Poor In Java said...

Initially we thought to invest $100 per head and who so ever interested can poll in but then the game changed. Now its a combined investment of $250 by the entire company and whatever amount will be won now, will be distributed amongst all.
If we win the jackpot and we opt for Cash option we will get around $250 million post tax deduction i.e. after 25% Federal tax and around 5% state tax.
So if equally distributed, we all should get around $12.5 million :) Sweet

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

awesome post :) loved ur take on this... the whole perception and portrayal of hope is so accurate.
even loved the post title.. very catchy :)

Poor In Java said...

Thanks Neha. I have so many things pending to be published (including my 2 books which are getting old and pale somewhere in the dirt) but just ain't getting time to review. Hopefully by tomorrow, things should ease down a bit and I may be back to writing which means a temporary retirement from painting

Anonymous said...

very catchy..n a preception that i never thought could be.. really good felt connectd that yeah in every decision we do have hopes..really nice

Poor In Java said...

Hope never dies "@Anonymous", it may diminish a little over the period of time or may change in shape and size yet it never dies :)

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