Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unexpected Adventures

What a morning it was today. I don't know should I say Adventurous or Funny but was quite something. As usual after completing my morning chores, I walked down my apartment building for office and had my car keys and small trash bag in my hand. It was 30 Degree Fahrenheit (-0.5 Degree C approx) outside and as usual I was lightly dressed with a thin inner and a hoodie sweater. Bag on one shoulder, phone next to my ears talking to mom and another hand holding the car keys and trash bag. As I approached the trash bin area under my building, I noticed that it wasn't a good idea to go close and better throw the trash bag inside from distance so I did exactly the same. Who knew what would happen next. My car keys got stuck in the trash bag handle and went along with it.

Oh Shit!!!!, you're right, that was the 1st thing that came out of my mouth but softly so my mom didn't hear it. "Mom, I'll call you in a while. I threw my car keys in trash" and hung up the phone.

Damn it man, this is not happening. Had no choice but to walk close to the trash bin and peek inside to see what the damage is. Luckily the trash bin was emptied by the Municipal/Community Department yesterday and luckily no one actually trashed their trash so it was all empty. I stared at my keys for couple of minutes and then thought how to take them out. One option was to grab some stick or something long enough to grab it and get it out and the 2nd option was to get messy and jump inside and work out. Yikes, definitely didn't want to do the 2nd way.

Well, I walked back to my apartment, grabbed my 2nd pair of keys just in case and grabbed my golf umbrella. That was the only nearest long and pointed thing I had in my home to be of some use. As I walked down, I thought again and wished that this umbrella does the trick or else it's gonna be a 2nd shower of the morning and an embarrassment if someone finds me out inside a trash bin LOL.

Anyways, I was at the edge of the trash bin and showed my umbrella down inside and tried to hook it up somehow inside the keychain and after various unsuccessful attempts, finally I managed to take it out. Cleaned my keys with tissue and washed my hands and sprayed a lot of Deo on myself and applied some sanitizer and finally made to the office.

OMG, what a way to start the day. Let's see what else has to happen rest of the day.



Sharell said...

Oh, if only it was India, you could've paid the watchman some handsome baksheesh to retrieve it for you! ;-)

Poor In Java said...

True Sharell. There are so many things I miss about India :)

Anonymous said...

i hope your deo is still working...:))

Poor In Java said...

Oh it did a magic in the morning. I am glad to have spare ones always around ;)

Anonymous said...

u shud ve smell ur keyz n hands..maza aa poor babu :)

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