Friday, December 23, 2011

Henna for the Broken-Hearted by Sharell Cook

Why is Life so mysterious? Why does it always put you through challenges that you don’t wish to face? What all is there in the magical box of Life for you? I am sure we all have come across these questions at some or the other point of time in life and the feeling of being so alone and so helpless just makes us insane. They say, “Those who find the answers to these questions, gets enlightened and find peace in Life but those who don’t, keep wandering in the infinite darkness with a hope that one day they will find the meaning of their existence and the cause of being there”.

I wonder what would be the percentage of people who find or at least come close to the truth or is it that people just compromise to adjust with their life and believe that they have peace. The philosophical stats say that most of us compromise to the situations and accept what comes their way because that’s the easiest way to stay sane and be contended. Those who fall in the minority group are the ones who go in extremes. Some make to the top and some keep struggling. The truth is no matter which band you and I fall into, we never get satisfied and contended but definitely people who compromise are less aggressive and more satisfied than the rest. Which side should we choose and why should we choose?

I have been wandering for very long time now and seems like it would take few more eons for me to find or even reach close to my answers. I have seen ups and downs just like others so nothing new and most of the time I’ve fought valiantly and made to the better side of life. No complaints about anything. Yet there is something that sucks every bit of joy and pleasure out of me and breaks me apart in unfathomable number of pieces. I may be in the most happening parties, around amazingly charming people, amongst glamorous and worldly pleasures, yet just a thought of something will take me out of everything and everywhere leaving me alone in the isolation and then I wonder what’s going on. Where did I go wrong or was it destined and I am to suppose to go through all this.
It’s funny, what I want in my life, I never get it and every time I don’t want something, it comes to me. I wonder how but I somehow manage to handle those hurdles with an exception of some that probably have started liking me and have found fascination in being with me so they just don’t want to leave and here I am cribbing about them. It was a coincidence that one day my brother told me about this blog Diary of a White Indian Housewife and I just browsed it. Since then I have been glued to it and have just fallen in love with the Author “Sharell Cook”. Love not as in Love Love but love as in respect and interest. I once heard that it is not in the vocabulary that you use but the simplicity in the words that keeps your readers happy and wanting more and I must say it is true. Sharell has that talent of being simple yet strong with her writing and that could be easily seen from her fan following and the count of comments even for a simple post that talks about “Jhadoo” (broomstick). In my opinion a person with such a charisma must get recognition and I am glad that Sharell just did that by writing her first book “Henna for the Broken-Hearted”.

I am not a big reader but I do read selective books. I always imagined myself writing about my life some day but never could come up with a plan to bring everything in one single place but when I read this book,I cried. Yes, you read it right, I cried. I started this book in my flight to India and after 4 pages, my heart grew heavy and eyes wet but the best part about the book is that you cry for 2 lines and then the 3rd line brings a sweet smile on your face. I was so embarrassed that someone could catch me crying but fortunately the location of my seat was so perfect that I could so bat my ease. I am sure that there are millions of books out there written by many great and intense writers which can make me weep for probably hours and hours but something touched my heart in this book. Sharell has beautifully woven many of her latter life incidences and events and I could easily relate them to my life over last few years. It is sad that we suffer pain and go through so many things, some caused by ourselves and some caused by others but the truth is life is inevitable and so are the elements and events of Life. You cry or laugh, regret or appreciate, suffer or enjoy, you have to live it and live it long. There are some things in life that you cannot let go, just can’t and they will haunt you forever but what I have learned from life so far is that I would always continue moving no matter what and I would give a little credit to Sharell for the same because when I read her book and saw around me, my pain felt like a grain of sand in a vast desert and that helped me carry a smile again.Though there are still things in life that will never change and will always hold me back and haunt me but I would always keep my chin up for what I chose to do in Life.

If you want to believe in something and are feeling low, read the book. It might help you in many aspects.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unexpected Adventures

What a morning it was today. I don't know should I say Adventurous or Funny but was quite something. As usual after completing my morning chores, I walked down my apartment building for office and had my car keys and small trash bag in my hand. It was 30 Degree Fahrenheit (-0.5 Degree C approx) outside and as usual I was lightly dressed with a thin inner and a hoodie sweater. Bag on one shoulder, phone next to my ears talking to mom and another hand holding the car keys and trash bag. As I approached the trash bin area under my building, I noticed that it wasn't a good idea to go close and better throw the trash bag inside from distance so I did exactly the same. Who knew what would happen next. My car keys got stuck in the trash bag handle and went along with it.

Oh Shit!!!!, you're right, that was the 1st thing that came out of my mouth but softly so my mom didn't hear it. "Mom, I'll call you in a while. I threw my car keys in trash" and hung up the phone.

Damn it man, this is not happening. Had no choice but to walk close to the trash bin and peek inside to see what the damage is. Luckily the trash bin was emptied by the Municipal/Community Department yesterday and luckily no one actually trashed their trash so it was all empty. I stared at my keys for couple of minutes and then thought how to take them out. One option was to grab some stick or something long enough to grab it and get it out and the 2nd option was to get messy and jump inside and work out. Yikes, definitely didn't want to do the 2nd way.

Well, I walked back to my apartment, grabbed my 2nd pair of keys just in case and grabbed my golf umbrella. That was the only nearest long and pointed thing I had in my home to be of some use. As I walked down, I thought again and wished that this umbrella does the trick or else it's gonna be a 2nd shower of the morning and an embarrassment if someone finds me out inside a trash bin LOL.

Anyways, I was at the edge of the trash bin and showed my umbrella down inside and tried to hook it up somehow inside the keychain and after various unsuccessful attempts, finally I managed to take it out. Cleaned my keys with tissue and washed my hands and sprayed a lot of Deo on myself and applied some sanitizer and finally made to the office.

OMG, what a way to start the day. Let's see what else has to happen rest of the day.