Thursday, October 6, 2011

Journey of an Apple from Newton to Steve Jobs


Once in decades we come across people who bring change in the World by turning their imagination to tangible reality. One such "Sifu" (master) was Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs, The Father of "i" World.

During 1660s, a great scientist, Sir Issac Newton, gave an Apple and the theory of Gravity from it (explained what it is) to the World and after 340 years another great man gave an Apple to the World and brought change with innovation and imagination and made a small alphabet "i" a Keynote in millions of lives.

October 5, 2011, will always be remembered as the day when the journey of a great Visionary ended who not only envisioned for a super tech user friendly world but made it possible. Starting a company from a garage and building an empire is a talent which very few people are blessed with. At times I give credit to Luck and Destiny for such achievements and success but it would be unjust to say that people who earn it, earned in fluke because they were lucky. Hard work, dedication, commitment and vision surpass Luck and Destiny by miles for those who strive and are worth every penny of the success. Steve Jobs was one such soul who proved that if you have passion, dedication and desire for your dreams, you would definitely achieve it one day.

Who would have thought about a phone that would change the meaning of telecommunication, a smart display device that would change the way people interact with others, a device so powerful that it would make a person richer than the Country's Treasury and so powerful that everyone around would want to compete and prove. There are hardly few people who belong to such strong category and Steve Jobs joined the Hall of Fame in his short journey of 56 years.

Salute to the Visionary who brought a change. Rest in Peace Sir Steve Jobs.

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