Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to Wonderland

Last to last Saturday I was out shopping and preparing for my trip to "Ghar" (home) when I realized that the same day an year ago I was with one of my colleagues and his pregnant wife and were getting ready to head out for the Hospital for her delivery, and then I recalled that it was one of my best friend’s birthday as well back in homeland. So without any further delay, I took out my phone and dialed some numbers and connected to my friend in India and wished him Happy Birthday. In return I got some nice hollers as I was late in wishing him but as usual I was ready with my excuse. "Dude, it's still 18th here so for me it is still your B'Day :)" and we both laughed. It is really nice to have friends like him around when you just forget every pain in this world and feel satisfied.

I was so busy in talking with my friend that I didn't even realize that I parked my car in a strip mall (don't take me wrong, it is just a synonym people use here for local malls/shopping complexes and not a nude mall :) ) and was walking towards one of my favorite shops, . I must tell you if you still have that little kid inside you, this shop is a wonderland for you but a nightmare for your pocket. I may have grown old but am still a little kid in my heart and every time I am in this store, walking in the wheels aisle, my mouth is drooling, eyes circling and heart pumping to grab every single of those little and big wheelers and take them home. But the truth is that I am really a grown up person now and not a good candidate for these toys. But that little baby inside me kicks me so bad that I just can't resist and when I watch little kids sitting on the floor of these aisles and taking out every car, truck, scooter, bike, boat, airplane, etc. I just stand there and watch them playing. It's actually fun to watch these little kids and their parents following them ensuring that they don't break anything or tear apart the packing of any toy in excitement. I look back in my childhood and I can't recall if we had so many options with toys or varieties or lineups of characters and themes. Our days were pretty straight and simple with cars, balls, bats, bikes, scooters, etc. but nothing compared to today's toys like Disney Cars, Toy Story characters, Transformers gadgetry robo-trucks, etc. No wonder, why I get involved and lost in these stores.

One of the reasons my elder nephew is so crazy about wheel toys is me :). I can't recall a single trip to ToysRUs or any other baby store when I walked out empty hand. There was always a toy, car, truck, ball, sporting or some educational game. I think I am living my childhood through my nephews and buying them all these cute little toys and things and these things makes me feel happy and satisfied and honestly speaking, I enjoy buying for them and playing with them. I become a kid myself. It’s funny how we keep moving in circles the whole life and live every phase of it again but through our offspring.

For a change, this time when I walked out of the store, I had nothing for my little ones but I still had something for an year old baby, my colleague’s baby turned 1 this year and it was time for me to shop again for the little ones. Just few more months and I will be back in this store but this time I will be for my younger nephew who will turn 1 in December and would be perfect to be spoiled.

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