Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moon shot

I was getting bored as usual at home and couldn't sleep so thought to go out for a quick drive and just as I drove out of my drive, I saw one of the most magnificent views ever. It was almost full moon, covered with a thin layer of cloud like silk and the chill in the air was like icing on the cake. I wish I had a better camera, a DSLR perhaps and I were a better photographer.

Anyways, I drove back immediately, parked my car, ran upstairs and got my tiny-miny point and shoot Canon camera and without any further delay clicked some pretty decent pictures. I must admit that standing outside wearing shorts and half t-shirt in 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius, unusually cold at this time of the month) is no fun but I can't miss this opportunity, can I? Couple of residents peeking out of their windows and trying to figure out who the hell is this guy and what is he doing so late in night, is he spying, trespassing or a thief? Trust me, I was as frightened as they might have been, but what I had to do, I had to do. Every time someone walked behind me, I turned back to see if that person was looking at me in suspicion or what. Thankfully, none of them objected me from what I was doing and simply walked away.

So here are some of the shots from a scintillating night.



Tarun said...

Photo to bhadiya hai..... lekin agar police aa jaati .... to maar maar kar chaand tarrey sab dikha deti

Poor In Java said...

Well, I think I'm lucky in that respect then. But it was fun.

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