Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bidirectional aging

Sometimes I wonder what growing old means. Is it growing in age or in personality, taste or mentality, thoughts or actions. It is tough to say because all the above applies.

Apparently, in last 2 years of my life, I have seen myself growing old in front of mirror, watching my hair get gray, eyes dark and sunk and slowness in overall me. Surprisingly one fact that came out of me is that as I am getting old I feel like aging not only forward but backward too, as if every year added to life adds 5-6 years prior to my birth. My thinking is getting over matured, body ofcourse old, taste for things like music and lifestyle is stepping backward, I'm starting to get consumed by 60s and 70s which is way before my birth.

I wonder If I'm an old soul locked up in a new body who is finding it's way out or the so called Karma Chakra is bouncing back and forth oscillating my age meter in a bizzare way.

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