Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Living in a country pre dominantly ruled by meatarians (cousin of vegetarians) and on top of that living in a state which boasts to be the largest supplier of beef, there is hardly any choice for a vegetarian like me to go out and hunt for some nice veggie restaurants. But if I were to be a Vegan, I would perhaps find more options than a vegetarian would. Definitely this country lives in extremes.

Over the weekend, I was visiting my brother in Virginia and he and his wife planned to take me out for a meal to a newly opened restaurant called Cheeburger Cheeburger. A desi would probably make fun of the name as it sounds like "Chee" in Hindi meaning dirty and being a naughty desi I would have certainly said so (if I can think, I can say too) but for a change I opt not to make fun of it.

We had a mini family picnic at Harpers Ferry, a small old civil war historic site and a meeting point of 3 states borders, and then we drove back to home around noon. Little after lunch time we parked our car opposite to this restaurant in a strip mall and walked straight in. We were hungry :-). We were the only desi folks wandering in the restaurant and surprisingly the restaurant was quite busy at that hour when usually gora people are all done with their lunch. The greeter girl gave us a sweet smile and took us to a table of 4. I had heard so much about this place that I was desperately dying to try the food.

A young girl walked to our table and introduced herself saying that she will be our server for the day. To begin with she brought us cold water in a jam like bottle with a difference that there was no lid on top of it and the bottle had no jam but water decorated with company's logo. Quite an interesting imagination to serve water. 

At the back of my mind, my inspection officer character was evaluating everything about the restaurant, from seating capacity to ambience, from furniture to hygiene, from crowd to staff, everything that my eyes were seeing and mind could think. As I opened the menu, my eyes couldn't believe what they saw. 378,000 combinations of shakes. It was like you name it and they have it. Around 80 different flavors of shakes listed in the list and you have an option of mixing multiple flavors to make your own. No wonder how they came up with that huge number of 378,000. For sure I was not going to spend time making my own shake so I had to make a choice out of those 80 listed flavors but man, that list was all mouth watering. Which one to choose, every single made my taste buds drool. But finally, I made a choice and ordered for "Mango Kiwi" shake.

Browsing through the main items list in the menu, I got another shock when I saw that practically in every category of the menu there was an option for vegetarian people. It was little tough to dodge that when I looked around the crowd which had no one except Amroo (American) janta (crowd). I turned back to the menu and without any 2nd thought, selected Veggie Burger and added toppings of my choice like grilled mushroom, onions, lettuce and black olives with a slice of pepper jack cheese. 

My brother ordered for a similar burger and his wife ordered for a Portobello mushroom sandwich. My eldest nephew ordered for a grilled cheese sandwich and we as a family ordered for a family size fries.

After a very long time, I had such a tasty Amroo vegetarian food in a restaurant in Burger/Sandwich category. Quantity was sumptuous and taste was just perfect. The evaluator in my mind silently rated the restaurant and the food 4/5. I deducted 1 point for 2 reasons, first being that I'm sure there is a better restaurant than this and secondly because my sister in-law ordered for a sandwich and we expected a normal bread but they made it in a burger like bun and told us that it is how Portobello mushroom sandwich is made, which I think is not true. That sweet girl probably tried to hide her mistake and saved herself from getting a red mark on day's performance. But no complaints and regrets, sandwich with burger bun was also good. I would have probably given 3/5 but gave 1 extra because of the joy that my eldest nephew had on his face when he got his sandwich in a special tray which was a car and best part was that he was allowed to take the car with him.

So folks, next time you visit any state in US, check out if there is a Cheeburger Cheeburger around your place. You might want to try it. For meat lovers, for every pound of beef burger you eat there, the staff applauds you and announces in the restaurant by handing you a Burger Trophy that they take back.

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