Friday, May 20, 2011

End of World - The Judgment Day

Okay, so there has been lot of buzz about End of World  and  The Judgment Day on December 21, 2012. Movies, newspapers, websites, magazines, practically every readable source is flocked with stories and all sorts of analysis revolving around the hysteria of Doomsday. People have been going mad about this for last 3 years and the best part is I don’t know if people are excited about it or afraid. There are some who have left their promising and stable jobs, some have devoted themselves to the Almighty pleading him to have mercy on them, then there are some who have left everything besides and have become nomads. No one knows if December 21 2012 will really be the end of world or not but for sure we will know it soon if May 21 2011 will be the beginning of End of the days or not.

Yes, if by any chance you have not heard about these new developments, here is the brief from Mr. Camping who in my opinion is just seeking some name and fame in his end of days. Harold Camping, the evangelist behind this holy hoo-hah, hosts a radio station which is aired almost in every nook and corner of the world. He has been able to convince almost all of his avid listeners that it is the time when the Almighty will show up once again and prepare the herd for the new world, a world of good life and will punish the sinners on the earth to see the end of the so called world we know today. Mr. Camping tried to earn some name fame back in 90s also when he actually managed to gather a huge population in a hall to embrace the moment of End of World but unfortunately that time his calculations went wrong and nothing happened. Perhaps, he never was a scholar student in his school days and lacked analysis and mathematics skills. But he was determined to prove himself and I guess took some additional mathematics and analytical classes after that big disappointment and came up with this new research of his which is powered by evidences stated in Bible which he claims he is able to decipher. So based on his new prophecy, May 21st 2011, 6 PM would mark the Beginning of the End. But did he mention, which time zone should we refer to for 6 PM, PST, CST, EST, or some international time zone? I guess he missed that part. Anyways, I don’t know about December 2012 but for sure I will look forward to May 21st 2011 to see what will happen.

Based on Mr. Camping, the start is on 21st May and the wrath of Almighty will continue for 5 long months before everything as we know today will be destroyed which is on October 21 2011. Oh Gosh, I have a flight to catch on that day. Will I die in air, will I be burnt to death or ripped apart by legs, arms, and head or I would survive the air crash and sink in some ocean and be eaten by a shark or some monster? Hmmm, I need to plan something for that day travel then. I am sure I am not one of those lucky souls who would be chosen by the Almighty for the new world, so I have to be prepared for the torture and sufferings that he who always forgives will be throwing my way.

Now if the world is really going to end, I wonder, if I should even worry about anything or should I just live every moment of my life as if there is no next moment. So I was working on making a list of things I should do if this all actually happens. Here is my short list of things I would probably want to do, of course this list will continue to grow as long as I will survive the wrath.

  1. Kick some billionaire out of his/her house and live my last few days in his palatial mansion for free
  2. Buy the most luxurious cars available in market, of course on loan amount that will be for 30 years terms, whose going to survive then to pay :)
  3. Get some real tigers, panthers and lions to roam around my house freely as my pets, reminds me of the Great Saddam
  4. How about a bachelor party every day and every night with beauties around who I can just dream about that too in dreams :)... well sounds easy and cool but people who know me know that I won't ever drool around coz of the commitment I made to myself and to my half wife, so idea dropped
  5. One thing for sure I would do is kill one person and I know who is that, so beware if you are reading this (although you are not that but you would know who would be that)
  6. A bank robbery and give away all that money to people in need or not in need :) who cares
  7. Charter a plane and go for a World Tour, at least I would see the places before they fall apart
  8. Record the events of those last days to make it as a study material for the race that would live after thousands of years (can always be optimist that my study would be preserved somehow somewhere :) )
  9. Collect some bare essentials to help me survive in adverse conditions like fire or ice (who knows I would become an ancient life form thousands of years from now preserved in a solid sack of ice like a mammoth :) )
  10. Last for the list till this moment but not last on the list, letters to people I love and I would miss. Now that would be something personal so I will be writing them and protecting them by unknown-bit encryption so that no one can decipher them ever but will leave my signature on them so that I can become a person of unsolved mysteries in future :)

On a side note, if nothing happens, then I am doomed and world ends or not, I will for sure be terminated by someone and if no one does that, then the economical pressure and personal acts will force me to kill myself. Who knows the one I am supposed to kill is me only :)

What would you want to do if all this hoola-hoop is true?