Friday, March 4, 2011

Mad Scientist

Recently someone gave me the title "Mad Scientist". Yes, you read it right, Mad Scientist. Not because I am extra ordinary brainy or a gifted maniac or a real intellectual to be called so but because I look like one and over the last several months have become one too. With long gray hair hanging down the sides of my face, big black spots around the eyes, blood red eyes and a weak dragging body. When this person called me Mad Scientist, for a second I didn't realize that I was being called but when I heard "hey, you Mad Scientist", I turned back and saw him laughing at me. I asked him, were you calling me and he said who else looks like a Mad Scientist in this room :)

He then told me that perhaps in few years when all your hair will go gray and your eyes will sink deep down with black spots covering them completely, you would start looking like Sir Einstein and hearing that I couldn't stop laughing. Ultimately he proved that I am a Mad Scientist. He keeps telling me that when I am working I talk to myself and reminds him of old classic silent movies. I for sure cannot compare myself with Sir Albert Einstein, oh no, please forgive me if I hurt anyone's feelings or cause a disrespect, I respect and follow him the same way as the world does and I am certainly not even 1% like him and can never even think in my dreams of being compared with a person of that Honor and stature. But, I took that as a compliment and proudly accepted the title, Mad Scientist. After all, how many people get such compliments :)

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