Saturday, March 5, 2011

Complex World

I am sorry for if I misbehave here today. I am drunk and I don’t expect to put down anything meaningful here. Life’s been such a goose chase lately. Is it the vodka or the scotch that is causing the bowl of emotions to boil and steam up or is it really me? All my life, I lived by a single rule to love and respect every individual and give everyone they crave for and I am happy that till date I have lived up to my word. I never expected anything in return from anyone except love and respect but I guess this was not a part of the game.

I always thought love spreads and respect is earned but never knew that the whole concept of spreading love and earning respect changed over the time. Today, the more you spread the poorer you become and the more you earn the higher is the probability that you will end up losing it. It’s a mean world and we all are part of it and contribute to everything in some or the other way to make a difference. I wish the world were a little different and a little better place to live. Perhaps I am living in a wrong time, a wrong era; perhaps I am really from a different generation in a completely different body. No wonder why people say that I am not of their generation and there is a gap, a gap that pushes me away from the reality, the truth and the practicality of life.

Who knows where this all is going and where this will end. All I know is that I am just listening to my heart and flowing with it and when I am there, I’ll know it, I’ll feel it.

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