Monday, February 21, 2011

Missing 72 Hours

Can't remember the exact year and age but I guess I was 9-10 years old when a funny but life critical incident happened to me. I was the youngest amongst my brother’s friend circle and everyone used to pamper me and take good care of me as a younger brother. God knows what mood the rain Gods had that day but it was raining hard and I was playing with one of my brother's best friends in our porch. He and my brother were chasing me and were trying to block me from both the ends of the porch. Mom and dad were sitting on the deck sipping hot tea. Everything was going smooth, we kids were playing, laughing and enjoying and all of a sudden there was a scream. I fell down facing the back of my head on the wet slippery marble floor of the porch and fainted and my brother screamed for help.

I have no clue what happened after that. Years later my parents told me that I was taken to the doctor and after all checkups and scans, doctor diagnosed that the vein carrying blood to the head got squeezed when I fell down. As a result of which the blood circulation slowed down and resulted in short term memory loss. My parents told me that for almost 3 days after the incident I just asked couple of things repeatedly. It was this strange behavior that made my father worry and he immediately took me to the doctor. Doctors told my father that if I vomit in next 72 hours, I might have to go through brain surgery procedure. He also told that the vein should come back to normal state within 48-72 hours and blood circulation should become normal. Luckily, in about 3 days, my vein retained its state and the blood circulation was back to normal.

I could have died, possibly have lost my memory forever or even worst paralyzed for the life but destiny had something else in the store for me. I am still alive, living my life with uncountable memories, ups and downs, incidences and events but missing those 72 hours. I sometimes laugh when I think about the incident and the questions I asked which of course my parents told me later on but when I see the scary side of it in which I see my family tensed and horrified, I feel shaken too.

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