Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flavors of Love

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, 21 Love, Crazy Honkers are some of the flavors of ice creams that just pops the taste buds in the mouths of every age group. Then there are flavors of food, coffee, drinks and you name it. But flavors are not bound by taste buds. Even feelings and expressions have flavors like Sweet-n-Sour, Passion-n-Compassion, Sacrifice-n-Acceptance, Commitment-n-Trust, Love-n-Hate,Friendly and many more.

While surfing the internet, I came across one such flavor, flavor of expression and I just couldn’t stop from crying. Yes, I can cry and I do cry, sometimes to normalize my Lacrimal glands and sometimes to cleanse my heart. Anyways, not going my way this time but this is a moment to rejoice for this couple which became a sensation of the Internet world. Applauds for this guy “Jones” to come out and propose his love on the TV channel and then be there around the girl to propose in person when she was watching the telecast. What a nice couple and what a nice way to celebrate and express love.

Then there are those too who strive all their life to stand by someone’s side, someone they love more than anything, with truth and dedication, commitment and honesty, love and passion, but at the end they realize that all they did, went in vain because the other person never appreciated the flavor of Love.

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